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South Korea - the cosmetic surgery capital of the world?

Not quite, but pretty close. In 2015, records show that the United States performed the most cosmetic procedures in the world. Runner up was Brazil. And in third place, South Korea. However, according to an article in Business Insider, South Korea has the highest number of plastic surgeries per capita in the world!

The most common surgery in South Korea? A blepharoplasty. The double fold in an asian eyelid gives the appearance of large eyes - a very coveted feature of many Korean men and women. Only half of the population are lucky to have this feature in their eyelids.

Dr. Henry Lee's Trip to South Korea!
Seoul, South Korea, a perfect blend of traditional and high tech.

Dr. Henry Lee's trip to South Korea this summer is built around learning from cosmetic Korean surgeons, comparing the techniques, and learning different methods that might be useful for his cosmetic patients.

His first stop will be at the BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, a leading plastic surgery hospital in the country. BK stands for Beauty Korea. In the 16 floors of the hospital, surgeons and physicians of many specialties gather to provide a comprehensive approach to cosmetic surgery. Dr. Lee's observership there will include time with many plastics surgeons.

Dr. Lee will also spend time at the Samsung Medical Center, one of the top hospitals in Korea, learning from the top surgeons in the field of oculoplastic surgery.

Dr. Lee is committed to being abreast of the latest and best techniques - learning and exchanging ideas from within the country and across international borders. Dr. Lee is also very excited to become reacquainted with this heritage and is especially looking forward to the food -- including the street foods of Seoul!

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