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Advantage Plus - the newest applicator for CoolSculpting

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

We have had the new CoolAdvantage Plus applicator since since the end of 2016, and we have been loving the results. Patients are much more comfortable compared to the older applicator. It also takes only 45 minutes for this treatment which covers more than double the area of the standard CoolAdvantage applicator. The applicator is great for debulking larger pockets of fat and is a great way to get ready for the summer months!

CoolSculpting provides a non-invasive fat reduction solution for patients who are looking to reduce stubborn fat.  This body contouring system is an FDA approved device which currently has 82% “worth it rating” on   Over 4 million treatments have been performed world wide.Come in today for a free CoolSculpting consultation to see which applicators are best for you! Each treatment plan is individualized for your specific body. Our surgeon, Dr. Henry Lee, performs all evaluations and treatments. For more information, please go to


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