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Cool Advantage Plus

We have had the new CoolAdvantage Plus applicator since since the end of 2016, and we have been loving the results. Patients are much more comfortable compared to the older applicator. It also takes only 45 minutes for this treatment which covers more than double the...

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Faster, More Comfortable CoolSculpting® Treatments

Dr. Henry Lee at the Lee Aesthetic Center in Warren NJ is excited to announce faster and more comfortable CoolSculpting treatments! With the new CoolAdvantage applicator, treatments are now just 35 minutes. Treatments are also much more comfortable. In a clinical...

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Getting to know Dr. Lee

 Why did you go into medicine? I was drawn to the field of medicine from a young age. I enjoyed learning about the amazing complexity of the human body, and I found the opportunity to use knowledge to help others unresistable. Why did you choose oculofacial...

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What to call those wrinkles

Have you ever tried to explain the location of the wrinkles you are concerned about over the phone and end up saying statements like, "that area near..." or "next to the..."?  Use this guide below to help you describe the areas that concern you.  An informed and...

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What Causes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

Many patients come to the office and ask for treatment for their dark circles underneath their eyes. The treatment for these dark circles must be individualized for each patient as they are due to a variety of causes. Very commonly, the circles are due to fat. There...

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Botox Statistics

  Botox® is the top non-invasive cosmetic procedure done in America today.  How much do you know about Botox®?  Lee Aesthetic Center in NJ compiled some key statistics for you about Botox® in this informative infographic.  Dr. Henry Lee provides Botox® injections...

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